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Butler Service

Are you worry about placing your pet in a kennel when you go on holidays?

Are you tired of relying on friends and putting a burden on your family when you want to travel?


Whether your pet is a hamster, a goldfish, or a Golden retriever, you can rest assured that the next time you go on holidays, you will have the opportunity to offer your pet the safety and comfort of staying in their own home.

You and your pets will appreciate having hired a pet sitter to provide loving care when you can't be there!


At Bambi & Co, we take your commitment to them, as our commitment to them.  As fellow pet owners, we truly believe that they are much like our children, for us to cherish and love.  Lots and lots of love!  They deserve the very best that we can give them, while you're away we will take exceptional care of your furry family.

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