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Animal Communication

Wouldn't it be great to hear/know what your pets are thinking, feeling and wants to tell you?


Do you want to talk to your beloved pet who had crossed over to the rainbow bridge?


Animal communication will open this door for you. 


I am able to provide this service to you and your beloved pets.  ​


I am keeping this introduction simple and short but do allow me to share my experience of animal communication so that I will be of help to you.


New to Animal Communication?  Click here for more reading.

Case studies​

















My first encounter with Melissa was a surreal one, as if she is appearing from a dream.

While I was meditating under the cooling shade of the Ficus Tree at Sentosa, I heard

a voice.


"Hello! Hello! Am I pretty?" 


I opened my eyes and looked around me, however nobody was around or near me.  

Maybe it was the sunny heat causing me to hallucinate so I proceed to concentrate on my meditation.  Just a split second after I closed my eyes, I heard the voice coming back again!



"Hello! Look at me!  Am I pretty?  I am the Queen of Sentosa"



This time I opened my eyes and looked around quickly and noticed a peacock was standing on the tree swaying his tail.  I am very sure the voice came from her!


So I told her, "Show me how beautiful are you?" Right after I said that, she flew down from the Ficus tree as if she was gliding on air.


















Moving away from the tree, Melissa went to a corner and spread his tail to show me.  It was my first time to see a peacock's full grace and did a dance.


Ever since then, I have been visiting Melissa whenever I go to Sentosa.  Some of my friends did try to look for him near the Ficus Tree but without much luck.


Deceased Animals













Apple, a healthy 10yrs old Bichon Frise who was to be put down


I received a call from a lady who requested for Apple to be put down but the facility

was already closed at that time.  When we arrived, the lady told us that Apple belongs

to her father-in-law who is at his final stage of cancer and currently resides at the hospital ICU(intensive care unit). The lady actually would like to take care of the Apple but  somehow Apple is very aggressive to her children.  The lady had no choice but to put Apple down.


So I arranged to put Apple at a foster's home and look for possible adopters as I really do not want such an innocent life to be taken away.  At midnight, the foster called me and said that Apple had turned exceptionally aggressive as opposed to her behaviour when we left her earlier. 


I advised the foster to leave her alone and I will come fetch her in the morning.   


We coaxed her to the carriage and I really do not like the idea of putting a perfectly healthy dog to sleep. So I wanted to understand more what she wants.  I told Apple that I intended to look for a new owner for you and that is why I put her up at the foster's home temporarily. Why are you so aggressive and put yourself in an unwanted situation and risk your life on it? (To put her to sleep.)


Apple's reply is she knows her beloved owner is dying with cancer and is at the end of his days. Apple is unable to accept a new owner in her life and will definitely want to join her owner at the other end of the world.   


I parked outside the facility for a very long time, I know it is what Apple wants but it is really

a struggle for me to send a healthy dog to her end.  In my principles, ending a healthy life

is unacceptable to me and a very harsh decision.  I cannot bring myself to do it. 


Then a voice came in and it is actually Brandy's inner voice(One of my customer's deceased dog).  


"I know you are confused and there is a dog with you now.  But an old man is waiting patiently at the rainbow bridge for his dog...but this dog is with you right now. "


So it struck my mind that I need to let Apple go despite the unwillingness in my heart. 

I send Apple in, and Apple left her words:


"Thank you, Bye bye".


Right after this, I called up The lady who entrusted this task to me.  She told me something which shocked me quite a bit.  Her father-in-law had passed on this morning...

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